Twin Falls is always a great topic on social media sights. People post about their adventures when visiting, pictures of the Perrine Bridge and Shoshone Falls, and there are always loads of questions about what to do when visiting the city. This last month hasn't been any different and social media pages are loaded with Twin Falls mentions. Some of the ones that really stand out are the Twin Falls High School girl sent home for her questionable outfit, a few great shots of the Perrine Bridge, and maybe one of the coolest aerial shots of the Snake River canyon. Check them out below.

This girl was apparently sent home for wearing this outfit to school.

When someone asks what they should do in Twin Falls you send them to the Bridge!

How about a fun fact about the Shoshone Falls?

A reminder that the Highway 30 Music Fest is coming soon.

New business coming to Twin.

This guy has his Twin Falls visit all planned out!

Everyone was talking about the landspout south of the airport.

Another great shot of the Perrine.

Stories of a young high school student overcoming adversity.

This guys really needs to find a cat-sitter and is willing to pay.

Apparently there is a BASE jumper in this picture.

The CSI bookstore is temporarily moving.

This must be one of the coolest aerial shots of the canyon.

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