I don't know if I have lived a sheltered life or am just unaware of a lot of the finer things in life that are available to us regular people. Apparently you can get boiled eggs with the shells off at the store. What a time to be alive. The bad news is I just find this gem of knowledge out at the same time that I find out a bunch of boiled eggs have been recalled to to listeria contamination. Seven people in five states have been infected with the current strain of listeria. Four people have been hospitalized and one person has died in Texas due to consumption of the contaminated eggs.

The good news is that here in Idaho it hasn't been an issue, no reports of sickness are found on the CDC website for our state. The bad news is that we are currently in the biggest time of the year for travel so there is still a chance that you may have come in contact or consumed the listeria eggs. If you traveled to Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Maine you could have eaten the eggs. The hard boiled eggs were sold in white plastic buckets with white plastic lids. Some egg and potato salads have been included as part of the recall.

Not all boiled eggs are contaminated but if you ate eggs from the Almark facility under the brand names: Almark Foods, Egggs Select, Nic’s Peeled Pearls, Rainbow Farms, or Sutherland’s Food Service, Inc. you could be at risk. For the full list of recalled boiled eggs and egg products you can search the CDC website or KIVI-TV.

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