There have been quite a few stories in Idaho news lately about public nudity at lakes, parking lots, and secluded hot springs. With this becoming more frequent, it’s important to know if and where you can legally go nude in Idaho.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash
Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Can You Legally Go Naked Outdoors in Idaho

The all-encompassing question is whether one can legally go nude anywhere in Idaho. The answer is yes, but it can’t be out in public. You can go nude in your own home all you want, but once you step outside you are opening yourself up to more than just a little sun on your privates and the staring eyes of your neighbors. Public nudity is illegal everywhere in Idaho. Under Idaho statutes in title 18 chapters 15 and 41, the law of nudity and indecency is explained.

Credit Idaho Legislature
Credit Idaho Legislature

Is There Anywhere Can You Legally Go Naked in Idaho

Whether you are in your front yard, Dierkes Lake, or the secluded Goldbug Hotsprings, nudity is technically illegal. There are many website stories and nude bathing guides that will lead you to a number of ‘clothing optional’ locations in Idaho. One article I found even claims it was published in partnership with Visit Idaho. But, as is the case with many laws, it only matters if you get caught or someone complains.

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Idaho Public Decency and Nudity Laws

Idaho law doesn’t just frown on public nudity, it also frowns on those who encourage it. Section 2 of Idaho Statutes 18-4116 states that you are just as bad if you encourage or help someone to expose their genitals in public. That includes streaking and skinny dipping in the great state of Idaho if your nakedness offends or annoys anyone.

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