Delicious deep fried french fries and a variety of burgers are about to become easier to get in Jerome. Carl's Jr. and Jack in the Box fast food restaurants are looking to build and operate in Jerome. We already have both of these businesses in Twin Falls and I do love having the variety of burger joints, so I'm happy that those who live in Jerome will have the same joy in options as I do. The Times News was able to talk with Clayton Jones, the owner of the Carl's Jr. in Twin Falls, and he'll also be running the Jerome location.

Clayton hopes to have the Carl's Jr. restaurant open by the beginning of September of this year. That seems ambitious since that is only five months away, but we've seen other buildings come and go in about that amount of time - we'd be looking at you Chipotle but you aren't around anymore. Opening plans for the Jack in the Box weren't published.

The permit reports for the month of April aren't on the Jerome County website as of this writing, but the Times News Story states that the permits for both restaurants were submitted last month and the Carl's Jr will be located across the street from Walmart where the Sonic used to be at 2700 S. Lincoln and the Jack in the Box will be right next door to Carl's Jr at 2710 S. Lincoln.

Get excited Jerome residents because both restaurants are great - but I can't guarantee that you'll be able to get the Froot Loops mini-donuts from Carl's Jr. when the store opens.


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