This has been my worst year for getting all the Christmas presents for my wife and kids. Usually I'm done with all the gift ordering by the first week of December, but this year I'm not done. Part of that is due to my procrastinating, but the main reason is that I have no idea what to get for everyone.

How Do You Know What To Get Everyone For Christmas

My kids all made Christmas lists, but we all know that only a portion of what kids put on their lists are actual possibilities. Luckily we have the internet and I'm really good at doom-scrolling through Facebook Marketplace. There are a lot of unique and interesting finds on there. Not all of them would make good Christmas gifts, but there are a few winners.

Christmas Shopping On Facebook Marketplace

There are some really cool and random gift ideas and options on the Twin Falls Facebook Marketplace.
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Sure, most of the finds on Facebook Marketplace that I listed are expensive. I'm not personally going to drop $400 on a soda machine for my kids (maybe for myself though) and there are other options for guitars under $100 if you have a kid who wants to learn.

The point is that if you are stumped on gift ideas, you can scroll the internet and you might find that perfect something or find something that gives you a good idea.

Or, if you aren't feeling like being creative or weird in your gift giving you can always get that special someone a not-so-special gift card to somewhere.

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