Clifford is a Great Pyrenees dog that Friends Furever Animal Rescue ended up saving from a mountain last year. After some rehabilitation the cute pup is up for adoption and looking for his forever home.

Clifford spent at least five days trapped on the side of a cliff and was rescued by Friends Furever Animal Rescue. Clifford was rescued on October 13th near Bliss where the rescuers believe he had fallen form the top of the cliff. When he was rescued he had really bad fleas and some old sores that needed healing. Cliff spent some time at the vet and at several foster homes waiting for someone to adopt him.

Clifford has been available for adoption since November 5th of last year. According to his foster family the cute boy is learning to trust people and can take some time for him to get comfortable around men and other dogs. He is incredibly active and needs plenty of space to run with a fenced yard. He tends to like to bark as well. However, he is fun, playful and loving.

He looks like a big ball of love! If I didn't have three dogs I would definitely consider adopting him. They did say he would probably be best in a home without other dogs. He is a lone wolf type of guy but he has a ton of love. If you are interested in at least meeting Clifford the cliff jumping dog, check out Friends Furever Animal Rescue.

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