I’m a sucker for cool houses with unique features and history and Idaho is full of them. One addition that I’ve always wanted to add to my house is a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf. In a recent video on Social Media, a home in Boise was featured with a hidden room that isn’t behind a bookshelf but might actually be better.

LOOK: Beautiful Idaho House Has A Secret Room In The Kitchen

The house is in Boise and the short clip has the caption ‘Be honest…were you expecting that?’ and to be honest I was not expecting that at all. Check it out in the YouTube video below from Idaho Pulse and see if you can quickly guess the secret door location before they reveal it.

The secret room idea is awesome - as far as functionality, I’m not sure. Why do they need another kitchen right off the main kitchen? Actually, who cares? They have a secret room and I don’t.

There are a few homes for sale right now in Southern Idaho with hidden rooms, which is awesome, but in the real estate listings, they keep the rooms secret and don’t share pictures of them. Smart move.

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There was an Idaho home with a hidden room in the news recently because the new owners of the house didn’t know about it until their garage floor caved in to reveal the mystery time capsule. I also found a home that was listed in Eagle last year with a secret room hidden by an invisible door. I think if I didn’t want to do a bookshelf secret door, this would be the way to go.

Does your house have a hidden room…that you’re willing to talk about or some other cool feature?

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