I’m sure there are innumerable ways to build a perfect house in Idaho, but I just found one in California that would look amazing on a mountainside somewhere in Idaho. Check out the pictures below and you’ll see why.

This Invisible California Home Would Be Perfect In The Idaho Mountains

The rectangular house in Joshua Tree, California is covered in reflective glass to help it virtually disappear into the surrounding landscape. I’m imagining this house in the mountains near Stanley or Sun Valley looking amazing with the reflection of trees and a lake on its glass walls.

Seemingly Invisible House Built In California

This chameleon house in Joshua Tree, California reflects the surrounding landscape to blend in and almost be invisible. The current price tag is a less-than-invisible $18 million! Check out the pictures to see how well it blends in with the surrounding landscape during the day and also how it doesn't blend in at night.

The house in California has a cool history as it was designed by legendary Hollywood producer Chris Hanley. The house is listed for $18 million by Aaron Kirman and was recently featured on the Top 10 Real Estate Deals website. The place has also been on Airbnb as a rental for $2,500 per night.

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Inside the glass-covered house hides a heated 100-foot pool, a massive projection wall for movies, and 3 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

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