I know bears can be deadly. You know bears can be deadly. You never want to have an up-close and personal experience with a wild bear. Despite that, they can also be so dang adorable you want to run up and hug them. But don't, since they can be deadly.

There is a YouTube channel from Greg Balvin that is amazing. The video quality and shots are nearly perfect. His page is loaded with wildlife videos from Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Jackson Hole. One of his most recent videos shows what he calls 'black bear berry season' as a group of bears chow down on small berries.

Black Bears In Yellowstone National Park

The video is from September as the bears were prepping and gorging on food to get ready for the upcoming winter and their hibernation months.

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Don't Try To Pet Bears In Yellowstone

As tempting as it can be to want to get close to wild animals in our National Parks in order to get the perfect picture or a memorable story, that is frowned upon. Two years ago I was in Yellowstone with my family when we found ourselves in the path of a grizzly bear. I wanted to get pictures but I also wanted to live and it was surprising how fast the bear moved through the forest. We opted to skip the photo op and moved away to safety. Bears are cool to look at from a distance, but when they get close it is scary.

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