I think it's safe to say people are itching and excited to get out of their houses and adventure this summer. One company wants to pay you to make that excitement a reality. Whistle Out is looking to give someone $1,000 to document their adventures around Idaho this summer.

What's the Total Prize and Expectations?

Whistle Out is willing to reimburse the winner up to $500 in travel expenses, $1,000 for a new phone to take pictures and document the vacation, and $1,000 in additional money.

Who is Eligible to Enter?

You must be 18 years or older and eligible to work in the United States. If chosen you just need to take pictures of your vacation and share them on social media so the rest of the world can know how awesome Idaho is.

Where Can I Get Paid to Visit?

Technically the contest is open to all states so you could take a vacation to a California beach or the Appalachian Mountains, if you wanted. But really, there are enough great places to visit in Idaho that you wouldn't need to leave our great state.

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I'd go to my favorite Idaho campsite in Featherville since I haven't been there in a few years. Second choice, I'd go back to Stanley and kayak around Pettit and Alturas Lakes. A trip to Yellowstone would also make for some great bragging pictures. You could even probably rent one of these amazing Idaho cabins for your outdoor adventure home-base.

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