For those wondering, a touron is a tourist who is also a moron. This story is a bout a touron who got handsy with a wild bison in Yellowstone National Park and, through some sort of magical grace of God, she didn't die.

Some people just don't care about rules. Some people take more than ten items through the express checkout lanes. You know you shouldn't be using your phone in your hand while driving around Idaho. You definitely shouldn't get that close to a wild animal. Yet we still do these things, while others look on in disbelief and judgment at the terrible choices being made.

Watch this lady reach out and touch the bison as someone near the camera says 'Let's go save their life'.

We also can't give all the touron credit to the lady in this video. Her knight in shining armor, the man by her side, is also just as guilty of making bad decisions. Encouraging her to pose for pictures rather than get the heck away is a pretty dumb move too. All while he also stands far too close.

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The National Park Service advises all tourists to stay 25 yards away from bison and 100 yards away from wolves and bears. Even those experienced in adventuring in the wild can get in bad situations with wild animals. A back country tour guide in Yellowstone was recently killed by a bear when he went fishing.

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