Today at the radio station we had no internet service for about 2 hours while they tried to switch out our modem. You probably already knew that if you were trying to listen to our station online. But we are back up and rocking now! Not having internet access for that amount of time at work really opened my eyes to how much we depend on that service.

I just ran across this article from Broadview Networks in a timely fashion to our interwebs troubles. Idaho has the slowest internet speeds IN THE NATION! We came in 51st. Yes, that means that Hawaii out in the middle of the ocean and Alaska which is closer to Russia than to us - has faster internet than we do. This means that every joke about Idaho being only potatoes and backwoods bumpkins must be true, right?! I don't know what to think anymore! It doesn't really seem fair either since our neighbor state of Utah has way faster internet than us at almost 20mbps.

Actually - being in last isn't all that bad. Our average speeds are 10mbps (which honestly is more than double what I usually get at home) and are up from 2014 when it was 7.7mbps at its fastest.

Also, since we literally have the slowest internet around, we are the only state that can complain about it.

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