Everybody loves Idaho. There have been numerous studies where Idaho comes in at the top of the charts when other state's residents are asked about their opinions of other states. That sentence sounded like something Trump would say, but it's true: Idaho is awesome and other states know it. That's why it really makes sense that the main pet peeve of Idahoans isn't something that people from other states know about. If they knew what really bugs us they might have a different opinion of us.

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Idaho has so much to praise in its beauty, kind people, and room for growth. But where we really come up lacking, and thus the thing that irks us, is our internet speed. It isn't the weird named places or the numerous Californians moving here, it's our slow technology access. Zippia crunched the numbers to find out the main pet peeves of every state and here in the west we apparently have garbage speeds or too lofty of expectations for what we do have.

Idaho Pet Peeve credit Zippia
Idaho Pet Peeve credit Zippia

Pretty nice that of all the trivial things we can complain about we choose to complain most about something that actually matters. Though once the $38 million internet expansion is finished and our internet (hopefully) improves, then what will we have to complain about? Pot holes. We'll always have those.

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