Internet issues are nothing new and will never go away. Having nice things, like fast internet, always comes with the possibility of issues. We’ve seen a few complaints today around the Magic Valley and have been experiencing an outage at work for a few hours now.

There are plenty of options in Twin Falls for internet providers. If you have a provider who consistently has issues, you can switch to another with better service, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never have issues.

How to See if Internet Issues Are You or Your Providers Fault

On Facebook today we have seen a number of complaints about internet outages across the Magic Valley. A post on the Twin Falls County Traffic, News, Crime, and Weather Blog page has more than 40 comments about outages today. Among those mentioned are CenturyLink, Verizon, TDS, and Whitecloud.

Credit DownDetector
Credit DownDetector

It is worth noting that some say they have issues with those providers and others say they are experiencing no issues. Sometimes you may be having issues due to your own use or equipment or it may be the fault of the provider. At Downdetector you can search your provider to see if the issue is you or being reported by other people.

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We have unconfirmed reports at this time that fiber internet lines may have been accidentally cut or damaged in the Wendell area and at construction near the Twin Falls I-84 interchange. We will update the story as more info is made available.

The top providers of the internet in Twin Falls, according to High-Speed Internet, are T-Mobile, CenturyLink, Sparklight, Rise Broadband, and HughesNet.

DISCLAIMER: Any mention of specific internet providers or businesses is not meant as an endorsement or warning about that provider. Information provided comes from external website sources. Contact your internet provider for help with ongoing issues.

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