Repetitive Internet crashing and decelerated data transmittal are plagues that slow work productivity, and are a huge frustration. For those of us that work in media and are constantly sending information and images to the general public, downed Internet is particularly hindering.

I'm a slave to the Internet. My work performance depends greatly on how quickly I can transmit data to the public. This is why fast, properly functioning broadband is so vital.

I can live with having a show I'm streaming buffer and crash from time to time. Lord knows I should be spending less time on the couch. What I don't have time for is disruptions at work, which happen multiple times a day; I can almost set my watch to it.

Discussions of online struggles in the Gem State are something I hear weekly from family and co-workers, and it's not the fault of our area service providers. They are working with what they have, which is about to improve greatly with a $38 million grant aimed at expanding and improving broadband in Idaho.

The details of the expansion were shared by, in which the need for improved broadband infrastructure in rural areas of Idaho is a major focal point. Of the more than 80 projects included in the expansion, the majority are aimed at improvements in not just households throughout the state, but vital community services such as healthcare and education, according to

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