This year has just become the best year ever! No matter what has happened up until this point - put it all behind you and get ready for December 12th for an early Christmas gift! Girl Scouts start selling cookies online next week!

Up until now you had to wait for the few weeks each year that they would come to your work or camp out in front of grocery stores selling the delicious cookies, but they are finally getting with the times and opening up the cookie flood gates online!

It is an interesting choice they made (and interesting timing with Christmas right around the corner it just got easier to shop for everyone on your list) to start the online store. One of the main reasons that the girls sell the cookies is to raise money and to teach the girls how to interact and work on social and business skills. Does selling the cookies online diminish that? Not at all. The girls will still be in charge of delivering the cookies and they'll now be learning how a good amount of business is actually done - digitally.

Do you plan on buying any cookies this month?

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