America has made great strides in overcoming and eliminating racism but there are still remnants of our hateful past that have been overlooked and ignored. A KTVB reporter was looking into Idaho homeowner paperwork and ran across some blatantly racist rules.

Andy Dean/ThinkStock

Some homeowners in Boise have sections that state only white people may live there. That rule can't be enforced anymore but it is still crazy that the verbiage is included still in these papers. For some, the clauses date back to 1945 and have just been included without thought since then. In fact, some homeowners may not even know the rule is in their paperwork. More details on the outdated racist papers can be found at KTVB.

Have you read through your paperwork to see what is really in it? Despite the fact that the rules can't be enforced they still aren't being removed from homeowner paperwork. Do you think they should leave the racist rules since they don't matter now and therefore aren't hurting anyone or should they be removed because there is no reason for that kind of info to still be included?

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