I recently wrote about how much I like living in Idaho and why I chose to move here instead of a big city. I didn't always like Idaho - I grew up in Salt Lake City and we used to say that the only good thing to come out of Idaho was the I-15 southbound. But Idaho is like that girl that you thought was weird as a child in school but grew up to be cool and beautiful. Idaho isn't just great because of the economy or that there is so much fun to do outdoors. Idaho is also the top state for homeowners!

CREDIT SmartAsset Best State For Homeowner

Literally leading the pack on the Smart Assets website of the best states to be a homeowner. This isn't a new thing either since Idaho was ranked as the best state last year too. That means we were already the best and now we are just showing off and being even better. Smart Asset says that our home values have increased and our property taxes are low. Everything isn't peaches though - Idaho has the second highest average closing costs for homeowners to get into their homes. After that, and in spite of the dang weeds, it's all good.

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