I thought it was odd that the first ultra-high definition video of Mars was really just a bunch of pictures added together to create the stunning video. But after a little research it makes sense and it is something we can all relate to: NASA has internet speed issues just like the rest of us. That's it, the video is made up of pictures because sending pictures is easier, uses less data, and is the only way they could do it on their limited bandwidth. NASA is famous for their numerous pictures of space, stars, planets, and even our great state of Idaho. Watch the video and then we can get in to the details of this amazing planet.

The video above is kind of a cheat since it isn't actually a video, just individual pictures combined and then panned to appear like movement. But, video is basically the same thing, right? The new YouTube video from ElderFox Documentaries did a great job combining photos from the Mars rovers Curiosity. Opportunity, and Spirit. NASA is sending up another rover called Perseverance and it should land in 2021. It comes complete with its own tour guide, the Ingenuity. The Ingenuity is a helicopter/drone that will fly ahead of the rover to scout out dangers, as explained in the video.

Now, if you want to get back to being technical about whether this counts as 'the first UHD Mars video', there was a video posted about three years ago that also just pans around high definition pictures. So which is really 'the first'?

Pictures Of Twin Falls As A Tiny Planet

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