I am way to scared/old/lazy/unqualified to actually ever go to outer space but that doesn't mean my name can't be associated with space travel. NASA isn't just a group of old nerds oblivious to what is going on here on Earth. They get that we love what they are doing and, even if we can't be astronauts, we want to be part of what they are doing. The new Mars Rover is heading out in 2020 for the red planet and NASA will be sending the names of those who want a boarding pass along with it. Also going to Mars on the next trip is a drone helicopter which sounds awesome!

It is super easy to fill out a NASA boarding pass and, even though I just filled mine out, then you can see where other boarding pass names are coming from. Looks like people in Turkey are really excited about this since they have more than a million names submitted already. Just from submissions in the United States, California leads with names logged and Idaho comes in the bottom 16. After you fill out a boarding pass you'll get mission patches and frequent flyer miles. I don't know what they do but since the flight is to Mars you'll instantly get 313,586,649 points.

The site also has all the information on Mars and the upcoming Rover plans.

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