I am a big fan of food. I mean, without it my life would be pretty worthless. My appreciation of food may not show in my everyday choices though since I don't eat vegetables and there isn't a lot of variety to what I do eat. Pizza, spaghetti, burgers and fries, and Raman noodles (I even pick the green chive things out of the soup) are pretty much on my menu at least once a week. Whenever I go out to eat with friends or on a date with my wife I don't vary on what I order. If burger and fries is an option that's what I get. I know, it sounds crazy with all the other food options on every menu. If you are like me and don't like to branch out with your food consumption choices, there is an article that says you need to branch out a bit and try the best food available in Idaho.

The best food in Idaho, and a must try according to the Discoverer website, is finger steaks. Maybe you've already tried them. I gave them a go a few years ago at a radio event and wasn't impressed. I'm all for deep fried foods but something about the breaded steak strips didn't jive with me. I prefer a nice steak. Finger steaks are kind of like the big brother to chicken strips trying to be more fancy than they really are. Or, maybe I got my finger steaks at the wrong place? Looks like Only In Your State says the Depot Grill and Burnt Lemon have the best fingers steaks in the Magic Valley.

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