If you haven't been to the Tubbs Berry Farm Straw Bale Maze yet this year, you need to do it. We had so much fun as a family getting lost and searching for each other and the hidden hole punches so we could win a free small popcorn.

Tubbs Berry farms Is A Maze With A Purpose

The straw bale maze at Tubbs Farm is super cool. Not only do you get lost and have the experience of a normal maze, but you also are hunting while you wander. Before you enter the maze you are given a card with various shapes printed on it. As you meander through the maze, you'll find hole punches hanging from the walls that punch out shapes. If you find all the shapes on your card you win a prize or get a discount on a purchase at the snack bar.

Straw Bale Maze at Tubb's Berry Farm

The straw bale maze is shaped like a bee and is filled with dead ends and fun activities. As you wander through the maze you can find hidden hole punches with special shapes to earn a free popcorn...if you are able to make it out.

When Can You Go To Tubbs Straw Bale Maze?

The straw maze is open Monday through Wednesday from 3-9 PM and Thursday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm. The final day will be the 31st of October.

What If The Weather Is Bad At Tubbs Berry Farm and Straw Maze

You can still go to Tubbs if it is raining. In fact, you may have even more fun. There are a few tall slides at the farm and when they get wet, the fun goes to the next level: waterslides.

Don't Forget To Get A Tubbs Pumpkin

At the Tubbs Berry Farm, you can pet goats, and pigs, and play on the huge bouncy mat. You can also pick up pumpkins to take home and use as decor, carving, or eating.

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