A Boise man known for holding several world records has just broke another one, and he had some help from a nationally syndicated radio show.

The Bob & Tom show is a nationally syndicated radio program that can be heard Monday through Saturday mornings on 98.3 The Snake, "Twin Falls Classic Rock." Apparently, producers from the show reached out to David Rush to see if he'd be interested in trying to reclaim his former world record for popping balloons with chopsticks. They even paid for the balloons and set up.

Having won many records in recent years, including capturing the Guinness World Record for catching the most tennis balls in one-minute, Rush accepted the challenge, and yet another record went down.

According to a YouTube video posted by Rush on August 9, 2020, he was able to pop 40 balloons in sixty-seconds, beating the previous record holder by four balloons. His first attempt at the record in July, 2018,  netted him just 24 balloons, but at the time was good enough to set the world record. (I say that like I could have done better)

Rush stood six-feet, six-inches from the balloon wall, and broke the record previous held by Guinness Record legend Ashrita Furman. If Rush ever steps in line at your local fair and offers to win your kid a prize in the dart throw game, you should take him up on it.

Congratulations to David Rush. He's a true Boise legend.

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