The world is a weird place. But there is regular weird and then there is ‘someone trying to prove something’ weird. People will do extremely strange things to get attention or gain fame.

Enter the man from Idaho who found his calling to weirdness was setting and breaking Guinness World Records.

An Idaho Man Has Set the Weirdest World Record Ever

It’s actually a pretty interesting waste of time reading through a book of world records. There are records set for things you would never have thought about being a feat worth recognition. Like one of the latest Guinness World Records set by a man in Southern Idaho and listed as the weirdest record set in Idaho by Mental Floss.

David Rush Sets the Weirdest World Records

In October of 2022, David Rush set the record for ‘Farthest Distance to Blow a Pea’. He took one big breath and used all the air in his body to blow a single green pea 84 feet and 11 inches. That was Rush’s 250th Guinness World Record and he has set others since then.

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But why does he do it? According to his bio, he does it to raise awareness about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

He set a pretty impressive record in 2021 of breaking a record every week for 52 weeks. Interestingly, finding an exact number for how many records David Rush has broken might require the breaking of a record since the best I could find was ‘More Than 250’.

A Sample Size of Impressive World Records Held By A Boise Man

David Rush of Boise has added another record to his already impressive resume of world records. From balancing chainsaws to using swords... David has done it all. Let's take a look...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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