Everyone has some sort of lifelong goal they shoot for. For some it can be pursuing a certain career, for others it may be being a parent and grandparents, and for others, it may be succeeding in something like running a certain distance at a certain time or climbing a mountain. Some people will achieve their goals, while many will also fall short. Only one person can be the fastest man alive, and only so many people get to go to space, but somebody has to achieve these goals. One goal that many dream of is setting a world record, and while many of us fall short, one man in Idaho has found a way to not set only one, but many, and he has added another one to his list.

Idaho Man Breaks Another World Record

Breaking a world record is something that many dream about and breaking one for most people would be a life accomplishment. For David Rush, breaking a world record has become a routine in his life. The man holds the world record, for breaking world records. He has broken over 250 world records and continues to add to his growing list. He recently added another one, and that one took some patience and hours of concentration. Rush and his friend Chris Knight recently broke the world record for most consecutive frisbee passes. They broke the record by throwing a disc back and forth 12,345 times, breaking the old record of 2,944, in a matter of 3 hours, 58 minutes, and 4 seconds.

David Rush Breaking World Records

David Rush Spitball credit YouTube
David Rush Spitball credit YouTube

Rush began breaking world records back in 2015, and has gone on to break over 250 world records, including the record for most broken world records. He lives in Boise with his wife and two sons. He has appeared on multiple television shows over the years and was once on America's Got Talent. Rush and Knight have broken a few different frisbee records besides this one, such as most passes in a minute, most passes in an hour, and the fastest 20-meter five-person relay. Odds are this won't be the last record David Rush breaks, and may not even be the last one he breaks this year.

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Many of us will never know what it is like to break a world record, but we can enjoy watching David Rush positively represent Idahoans. See what record matches your skillset, and try to join him in the Guinness Book of World Records. If you have the patience, the time, the skillset, and a friend that is capable of all the above, try to break Rush's and Knight's record of 12,345 consecutive frisbee passes. The main rule to know is that there can be no longer than 5 seconds between a catch and the next throw. Grab a disc and start practicing, and soon their record may be broken by you. 

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