David Rush is a name we have been hearing a lot during the pandemic. He's spent much of his quarantine time in Idaho figuring out which Guinness World Records he can take on and beat. Plus he does it all for a good reason, other than to not be lazy with his down-time, as he does it to promote STEM education.

Forget The Olympics In Tokyo, This Is Exciting

Yes, the summer Olympics begin this weekend in Tokyo but exciting things are happening right now in Idaho. Honestly, watching David and his friend from across the street bounce a big smiley-faced bouncy ball back-and-forth for three minutes was more riveting than I thought it would be.

What Other Guinness Records Has David Rush Set?

UPI says that David Rush has claimed more than 200 Guinness World Records. Among his latest are: lighting 100 candles in his mouth, skipping through a half marathon, tortilla tossing farther than anyone else ever has, balloon popping with chopsticks, tooting a lot, and blindfolded juggling while running. See all of those records as they are achieved in the videos below.

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I don't know what you did with any extra time you may have had over the past year and a half, but probably like me you didn't do anything that was newsworthy like David Rush.

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