Halloween arrived on our shores from the British Isles and it was never the same.  I subscribe to a YouTube Channel created by an Englishman now living in the United States.  He’s a frequent visitor to Idaho (he loves it here) and currently lives in Illinois.  He loves this country and its customs.  Laurence Brown also has a tremendous and self-deprecating sense of humor.  Many of his October videos feature differences with Halloween.

Pumpkins are also a sense of awe for British immigrants.

When he was growing up, Halloween was a time for dressing as monsters.  He says he was first exposed to a wider array of costumes after moving to the Americas.  His wife is American.

Pumpkins are also a sense of awe for British immigrants.  They aren’t common in the Mother Country.  Illinois leads the United States in pumpkin production.  At the bottom of this page is one of Laurence’s videos.  He’s the type of guy you would like as a neighbor.  His sense of wonder is infectious.  Videos also deal with differences in celebrating Christmas.

They don’t have a Thanksgiving on the side of the pond where he comes from.  He believes the English should adopt the holiday.  He’s awed by Independence Day celebrations and fireworks.

He’s even impressed by St. Patrick’s Day parades and parties he witnesses in Chicago, which are distinctly American and have made it back across the Atlantic.

One tidbit about Halloween.  The British give out coins to the children, whereas candy is the currency for Trick-or-Treat in the States.  Of course, when I was a kid if someone gave me a coin I dropped it on candy or gumballs.

One caution:  Laurence can be a bit salty, although.  He almost seems apologetic when he says something slightly off-color.

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