We’ve already had a light dusting of snow in Twin Falls this week and that has some people concerned about what season Mother Nature will be dressing up as for Halloween.

2022 Halloween Weather Forecast

Halloween is on a Monday this year and that means the entire weekend will be filled with various Halloween-themed events around the Magic Valley. There are trunk-or-treat activities planned at many businesses and churches and many of them aren’t even waiting for Halloween weekend to roll around. Whether you plan to go out on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday the weather forecast is pretty much the same each day.

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The Weather Channel website says we can expect highs at about 58 and partly cloudy each day with just a one-degree variance between them. If 58 degrees for the high sounds too cold for you remember that last year it was almost the same forecast, except with a chance for rain, and it ended up being pretty nice.

That’s great news for trunk and trick-or-treat events since rain isn’t in the forecast to ruin any outdoor plans. The lows do get down to freezing on Friday and Saturday night but Sunday will push up to almost 40 degrees and Halloween night bottoms out at 35 degrees.

Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash
Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash

Great Weather For Trick or Treat on Bish’s Street

We hope you’ll join us on Halloween at Bish’s RV in Jerome to show off your costume and get loaded up with candy. The event starts at 3 and ends at 6 PM, which means you can be done with your Halloween celebration before the sun even sets.

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