I love candy. I actually have a drawer full of candy and Mt. Dew at my desk (at home and at work). I've argued before that Halloween is the best holiday of them all for candy. The selection and amount you can get beats all the others, unless you get a bag of those gross peanut butter taffy. Those might be the worst Halloween candy even more so than the wax lips, and those are pretty useless. It is a pretty interesting sight to take your kids out trick or treating at Trick Or Treat On Bish's Street and then watch them when they get home and search through the causes of their future tooth cavities. I still take my teenage kids out to get candy and dress in cool costumes. I don't think there is an age where you shouldn't be allowed to trick or treat. It's better that these kids are celebrating rather than out smashing pumpkins or getting into other trouble.

Over the last few years we have been keeping tabs on what the favorite candy is for Idahoans and it has varied from Butterfinger candy bars, candy corn, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. At Candy Store they update us on what candies people are buying each year. We don't have stats yet for 2019, but we do hope that it isn't candy corn again.

We have been extremely good parents the last few years and after we take our portion of their candy, we let them at it. We don't monitor how much they eat at a time or per day. They just have to deal with felling sick if they overdo it and learn to ration the goods.

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