This pandemic with the coronavirus has forced us all to start up or improve some of our basic habits. Personal space is being recognized more than ever before and personal hygiene is becoming more of a focus. Yeah, it seems like it took a deadly virus to get us to all start washing our hands regularly. This stay-at-home time has also had other benefits for many people. The parking lots at local hardware stores seem to be constantly full, meaning people are using this time to knock off a few of the items on their to-do lists. Other people have begun using this extra time to learn new things, and not just the new things added to video streaming services. I've heard people talking about starting new hobbies or reviving their lost passions. I'm a mix of both.

For Christmas, my wife decided she wanted me to break bones in my body so she got me a unicycle. I do have a goal to figure that thing out but it is so much harder, and a bit more scary, than I thought it would be. On the list of easier time-fillers for me is playing more guitar and Rubix cube practice. I've been trying to learn a new guitar solo each week and sometimes I get it and other weeks I've just learned part of a solo. I should mention that I'm only kind of good at guitar and solos have always been my downfall. Another hobby I have rejuvenated is solving a Rubix cube. I started learning the different ways to solve a cube a few years ago and was able to solve it in less than two minutes at my fastest. I don't have aspirations to be able to do this in four seconds, or whatever the current records are. I just want to be able to do it without forgetting any steps.

My kids are taking their new extra time at home and learning to cook new deserts, make excessive amounts of slime, and lots of artwork is being created in my house. My oldest son is also learning some pretty impressive card tricks. Surprisingly, we have still only done one puzzle so far.

What about you? Any new hobbies or old hobbies you are practicing again?

Quarantine Hobbies

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