I feel like I've been doing pretty good about staying in my home for the last week. I stepped outside today and hissed at the sun for being so bright and then went back into my cave. So, yeah, things are going pretty great. My wife is the queen of being prepared with the essentials so we haven't had to go out shopping for a few days but I really did have to get out today. My kids broke their toilet: and as funny as that sounds, it isn't. With that new project needing my attention I got into my truck and drove to Lowe's to get a toilet (and to be honest I also got a bathroom vanity and BBQ gazebo just in case I need more stay-at-home projects) and was pretty surprised at a few things.

First of all, there are still a lot of people driving around. I guess I expected it to like a ghost town with tumbleweeds floating across the street. Second, I'm apparently not the only one with an essential home project that needs done. The Lowe's parking lot was packed. There were also a good number of bad parking jobs I'll for sure be including in a future Terrible Parking Gallery.

Inside the store it wasn't a madhouse, there was a good amount of people but it wasn't packed and we didn't have to break any distance rules. There was a lady with a cute white parrot (or some other tropical looking bird) wearing a red vest. Not applicable to anything, just a weird thing to see at the hardware store.

I don't judge anyone who was at the store that day. Right now is new territory for many of us. We have extra time at home and are realizing that those projects we have put off for far too long just might become a reality over the next few months. That honey-do list is only going to get longer the more time you stay at home and start getting picky about what needs to be done or changed. Lucky for me I already finished my LED stove backsplash.

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