The Twin Falls School District shared information about the protocols that will be underway during the 2021-222 school year. Come August, when students head back to school, this is how things are going to look.

The Twin Falls School District released the "American Rescue Plan: 2021-2022 Safe Return to School" plan. As of right now, the updates around COVID protocols will look like this:

  • Face coverings are recommended but they are options for all unvaccinated staff, students and visitors when indoors and in crowded settings and anywhere social distancing can't be maintained.
  • The COVID 19 vaccine is NOT required or tracked by the Twin Falls School District for either their students or staff members.
  • Disposable masks will be available for anyone that wants one at the office.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the school for anyone who wants to utilize it. There will also be posters hung throughout the school reminding students to wash their hands and the importance of hygiene.
  • As far as social distancing goes, staff will maximize their social distancing efforts in their classrooms, gym, cafeteria etc to the best of their abilities.

For those staff and students who test positive for COVID 19 or are suspected of having COVID 19

  • Staff and students who are displaying symptoms will be "excluded from school and all school related activities for 10 days."
  • If a staff member or student is symptomatic they can return to school with a negative COVID test.
  • If a student or staff member is definitely positive or presumed positive, again they will be excluded from school and school activities for 10 days from the onset of symptoms. They can return 10 days after and fever free for 24 hours.
  • The Twin Falls School District will also make testing available each week to staff, parent and their children.

For those parents who decide they do not want their child(ren) to be part of in person schooling

  • The Twin Falls School District will continue to do face to face instruction as long as possible and to the best of their abilities.
  • Parents have a fully remote option for their children via the Twin Falls School District through the Idaho Digital Learning Academy and Venture Upwards.

For more information you can click here.

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