Hostess has voluntarily recalled some Twinkies due to a chance of Salmonella contamination.

Remember back in late 2012 when Hostess when bankrupt and stopped production of Twinkies and the world lost its mind and it ruined Christmas? Well, that happened (mostly) but thankfully Twinkies were back on the shelf a few months later and order was restored to the world.

All is not well though in Twinkieland. The Holiday White Peppermint Hostess Twinkies have been recalled because there is a chance of Salmonella contamination. I think it is great that they are recalling these willingly and only out of caution.

I do see two problems though:

  1. If you bought these for the holidays then there is no way you still have them.
  2. How were these for sale and I didn't know? I'd still buy them even with the recall.

More info on the recall is on the FDA website. Enjoy your regular flavored Twinkies and be glad they aren't a bus sized Twinkie contaminated with psycho-kinetic energy.

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