I like pranks. I like having fun. I like making people smile...but I like making me smile too. That is why I frequently post on Facebook from my wife's account with some extraordinary or repulsive story. There is always the praise from friends or the surprise that such a thing could happen. Not only am I pulling a prank on my wife - but I am also getting all her friends. That makes me smile :)

While I have you here - you found the Black Cat for Friday the 13th, click the picture below and enter the code PHOBIA for 13,000 points!














Case and point - on Monday we were watching Fear Factor and the contestants were eating grasshopers and cockroaches which got us to talking about whether we could do that. After the show my wife went to bed and I took her phone and posted this.


I love that even after we fessed up that it was a joke, there were still people believing it! Do you ever mess with somebody else's Facebook page?

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