Either we are super cheap in Idaho and we don't spoil our kids or we are extremely good at making the money we do spend really count.

Kid Costs via Opploans
Kid Costs via Opploans

Idaho ranks third to last (or 3rd from the top depending on how you look at it) in how much we spend on average each year on our kids. At just $2,383 I bet there are many parents who would argue that the number seems really low. Especially when you have states like Nevada spending over $12k per kid each year! I use to live in Nevada...and now I'm even more glad I don't because I have 4 kids and I do not have $48,000 to spend on them each year.

They also get into different demographics at OppLoans and not a big surprise that young families spend more. Probably because of diapers and baby food and so many toys.

Does the number seem low to you or about right for Idaho?

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