About a month ago I wrote about how bummed I was that the CSI rodeo had been cancelled last year and I was worried we would miss it again this year. Since we moved to Twin Falls that's where my wife and I would go each year to celebrate our anniversary. I found out in early February of this year that the CSI rodeo was happening this year, but with a few modifications. All the regular rodeo action would take place at the Eldon Evans Expo Center, but only family members would be allowed inside as spectators.

Despite not being able to attend, the general public can still enjoy the rodeo action from the comfort of their homes. The CSI Rodeo coach, Steve Birnie, told me that they would be broadcasting a live stream of the rodeo. That's a pretty cool option for a year where we otherwise wouldn't be able to see it. I'm glad we have the technology to give us a little normalcy and entertainment during this pandemic. The live stream of the rodeo will work in the same way they have been broadcasting other sports like basketball and volleyball.

Those who wish to watch the rodeo can purchase the pay-per-view access for $12.50 for single day access or $20 for full access to all coverage of the CSI Intercollegiate Rodeo. Events take place March 12th and 13th.

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