If you were at the CSI Intercollegiate Rodeo on Saturday night then you were treated to some great rodeo action. Bull riding, broncs, barrel racing, calf and steer wrestling, roping, and the hilarious clown. It was a great night!

There were two things that really stood out to all of us that night. Everyone loved the final horse in the barrel races. It was the smallest horse in the rodeo and that thing was super fast! We also remember the moment the rodeo clown asked a few kids to come into the arena - which apparently meant all the kids in the building. He asked the kids to dance and then made fun of the way kids dance these days. Then the rodeo clown made maybe the biggest mistake of the night. He asked an old guy from the stand to come show the little kids how to dance, and he wasn't much better than they were.

They all tried to teach the man how to do the Floss dance, but as you can see in the video it didn't work out at all.

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