School right now is weird. Luckily as parents we have digital aids and amazing teachers guiding our kids from afar. I have four kids and two of them are very self motivated and the other two are content doing the bare minimum...or less. One thing all four of them do have in common is that when the teacher announces they are going to be having a Zoom meeting, each of them is excited about it. Now, if you haven't been privy to one of these special classroom Zoom meetings then you are missing out on pure chaos. Yet somehow it works. I've sat by my kids during some of these meetings and been in awe of the teachers as they try to guide a group of kids, all of which seem to be trying to talk over each other. Youtuber Locating Lucy did a pretty spot on video of what these calls are like:

It really is hilarious to watch these excited kids try to interact with their friends and teachers through video calls. It may not be so hilarious to the teacher in charge of making the calls a success. So, for that reason we tip our hats to you classroom leaders. Somehow you organize that pure chaos into an event the kids enjoy and look forward to.

I know my kids miss their friends and I know they miss their teachers even more. I really hope school is back to normal in the Fall so they aren't stuck at home all day and can interact in person with their classroom heroes. Thank you teachers for your hard work always.

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