I’m a sucker for real estate listings in Twin Falls. I love seeing the variety, uniqueness, and quirks that make each home special. Sometimes special isn’t always a good thing, but at least it makes a house different.

Twin Falls House For Sale Has 7 Bedrooms

What makes this Twin Falls house special is actually 7 things. It’s currently the house for sale in Twin Falls with the most bedrooms. It’s also a huge house, so they aren’t cramming these rooms into 2,000 square feet. Check out pictures from the Zillow real estate listing below.

Huge Twin Falls House For Sale With 7 Bedrooms

Price: $679,000
Size: 5,613 square feet
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 4

The custom-built home is in the Candleridge subdivision at 2148 Candlewood Avenue. Not only does it have 7 bedrooms, but it also has 4 bathrooms and is a massive 5,613 square feet. That’s 2,400 square feet larger than the previous house for sale with 8 bedrooms. That house sold last year but you can see pictures of it below.

Previous House With The Most Bedrooms For Sale In Twin Falls

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