As the pandemic continues to plague our lives, it's time to play 'Is Your House Too Small For Your Family'. If, over the last year of quarantine you have been unable to find a quiet place in your house, your house may be too small. If you have young ones turning into teenagers and not wanting to share a room with younger siblings, your house may be too small. I grew up in a six bedroom house with three bathrooms and nine siblings plus mom and dad. Our house was big, but we still had us four oldest boys in one room for most of my teenage years, my two younger brothers shared a room, and the three girls all got their own rooms. In hindsight that doesn't seem very fair, but we just rolled with it because that was how it was.

There's a house for sale in Twin Falls that could have accommodated my family...almost. Across the street from Thomsen Park is an eight bedroom house and each bedroom has its own half bath with a toilet and sink. How great would that be to not have to fight for a toilet or to be able to brush your teeth? The house was converted to use as an assisted living center so there's also wide hallways and a fire sprinkler safety system. At almost 3,200 square feet and a price tag of $450,000 it may be the space you need to get through the rest of this quarantine with your sanity still intact.

8 Bedroom House For Sale In Twin Falls

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