There are a lot of things you have to look at and think about when you buy an old house. Sometimes you don’t even need the walls to talk to give you some of the history of a place. That’s where this house in Washington State comes in. We don’t want to know anything else after seeing the pictures. But, if you are in the market for a nightmare - this place is for sale.

Washington Home Makes Nightmare List For All the Worst Reasons

We came across this home for sale on the Nightmare on Zillow Street Facebook page (which is our second favorite Zillow page after Zillow Gone Wild). As with most ‘nightmare’ houses, it looks OK on the outside and the price seems reasonable. It isn’t until you enter the front door and start looking that you start regretting your life choices.

Washington House on Nightmare on Zillow Street

You really can't judge a book - or a house - by its cover. This one looks pretty OK from the outside, but inside you can tell there are stories and probably hauntings there. Also, is that a massive blood stain in the 3rd picture?! This place is listed on Zillow for $275,000.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

The Facebook post is hidden in the Nightmare on Zillow Street page, and you have to join it to see their glorious posts. But, I can tell you what the post says:

Just casually looking through the pictures..

“Oh it’s pretty nice for under 300k”



“Oh dear”

They aren’t wrong either. It’s like a trainwreck. The more you look - the more you see. The more you see - the more you wish you hadn’t seen.

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You’ve no doubt heard of fixer-upper homes. This is not one of those. This is an ‘I dare you to spend a night there’ type of house. But, if you have $275,000 and want to tempt fate the house is for sale on Sherman Street in Tacoma, Washington.

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