I recently had to use a Frisbee to scrape my window because I couldn't find my ice scraper, which is dumb because it was on the passenger floor of my car all summer long and now I can't find it? Surprisingly, the Frisbee worked really well on the light frost of the morning. Despite that success, you really can't beat the tried and true ice scraper. There are different varieties, colors, and styles available so check some out at the links below.

I can't say I'm an aficionado on ice scrapers, but I do have experience with ones that do and don't work. I've also tested out a few 'hacks' that are supposed to help either keep your window from frosting or let you defrost the glass without scraping. I can also tell you from an experience many years ago that a Mt. Dew can will get the ice of, but it will also scratch your windshield. So, don't do that. But do make sure you scrape the ice before you drive or you could get stuck with a $90 fine.

What is the Best Way to Clear Ice From A Car Windshield

One I tried out recently was from a 5 Minute Crafts video. They showed that a bag with warm water placed on the car window would defrost it, and it does. The problem when I tried it was that it then turned from easily removable frost to a sheet of ice. Plus if your bag of water is too warm it could cause your glass to crack. I also saw a car a few days ago with cardboard over the windshield, which actually looked like a good idea. But when I drove by the next day the owner was outside scraping off ice and bits of cardboard that had frozen to the car. There is a cloth version of this that you can buy in stores that probably works better.

The round scraper doubles as a funnel if you run out of gas. This one is kind of the same idea as me using a Frisbee as a scraper.

No gloves? No problem, this one has a built-in mitten.

The classic short-handled scraper is one most of us have had for years.

If you have a truck or SUV, you'll need the long handle with the brush.

This adjustable-width blade scraper seems cool. I haven't tried it, but it claims to be better than the plastic scrapers as it uses an adjustable heavy silicone blade.

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Do you have a favorite ice scraper? That may seem like a weird question, but as adults we have a favorite burner on the stove, we keep nice empty boxes, and we have tons of random cables in our houses just in case we need them. Why wouldn't we have a favorite ice scraper?

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