It is that time of year where you have to get up a little earlier to start your car or scrape the ice from the vehicle windows. We have all been there where you are running late and you are going to be late for work if you fight with the ice scraper. Well, not doing it could land you a $90 fine.

The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared a friendly reminder that on early mornings, like are going to happen all this week, will lead to icy vehicle windows. If you don't have a remote start vehicle or a cover for the windshield you are likely going to have to take the time to scrape.

You could also fill a bottle full of winter windshield wiper fluid and spray the windshield, that should melt the ice pretty quickly. You also need to get your side windows as well. The back window should probably be done as well. I know, so much work! I hate winter time.

I am pretty sure everyone has been guilty of running late and not getting the ice completely off your vehicle and driving unsafely. If you get caught you could get a citation. So I am not sure which one you find more worth it, being a little late to work or getting a fine. I am not here to judge whichever decision you make. Just stay safe out there.

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