This week has been a fun one with the weather in Southern Idaho. Our high temperature got up to 80 degrees on Sunday and has been on a downward slide ever since. With the extreme drop in temperature, some parts of Southern Idaho have freeze warnings and could get snow before the weekend.

Is it Really Supposed to Snow in Southern Idaho this Week, and Where?

Early weather reports this week had snow in the forecast for Twin Falls on Thursday morning, but those chances have diminished. That doesn’t mean it won’t snow in the Magic Valley, but the chances aren’t great. Pocatello does have a chance of flurries Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon and Stanley has a Winter Weather Advisory issued and could get up to 3 inches of snow by Thursday morning.

In addition to the snow possibilities around Southern Idaho, a Freeze Warning has been issued for the Magic Valley. The Weather Channel is reporting sub-freezing temperatures will hit the Western Magic Valley on Thursday morning between 4 and 10AM.

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You should prepare your home and property for a quick freeze in Idaho. Protect any crops you may have still growing in your garden (cover your pumpkins with a blanket) and either drain outdoor water pipes and winterize them or let them slowly drip.

Will It Be Cold On Halloween in Idaho?

Once we get the Thursday freeze out of the way, the weather will remain cold until Halloween. The high on Halloween will only be 52 degrees with a low of 24, so once the sun goes down you are going to want to make sure that your kids' costumes are warm.

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Remember, if you plan on handing out candy on Halloween, put your house on the Treat Map so kids know where to go for treats.

Beautiful Hoarfrost In Twin Falls

Beautiful and Dangerous Ice In Snake River Canyon

During the winter there are massive icicles, or the kids called them frozen waterfalls, all along the wall. The ice is beautiful and extremely dangerous.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

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