The Twin Falls Police Department has asked for help from the community in identifying a truck used in a possible theft crime.

A piece of yard care equipment was taken without permission, AKA: stolen, from a local business. The item looks like a Behlen Arena Ace groomer which, depending on the size and where you buy ranges in price between $2,500 and $3,300.

Do You Know This Truck? TFPD Looking For Information

TFPD posted pictures from a security camera at the business showing an older 4-door truck with a toolbox and rack in the bed. The truck looks like a white early 2000s GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado but could be another brand and model.

There are 4 pictures posted on social media to help you determine if you know anything about the crime.

You can share any information you have with CSO Bailey by phone at 208-735-4357 or through a message on their Facebook page.

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Twin Falls Police Looking For This Woman

Police are also looking for a woman, who is not guilty of any crime at this time, so they can contact her. There isn’t any information on why they need to know who she is or where the picture was taken. But if you do know her, you can let the police know through Facebook messages or by calling Detective Waite at 208-735-7227.

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