Source: WalletHub

If you are a smoker (or plan on becoming a smoker one day), then this study will either make you want to quit right now or make you glad that smoking is shaving years off your life expectancy.

Information from a study done by WalletHub shows that not does Idaho round out the top 10 most expensive places to live for smokers, it shows that smoking is crazy expensive and costs more than just the cigarettes. The average smoker will spend about $1,800 a year on cigarettes and over $94,000 over their lifetime. They based the stats on if you smoke a pack a day - so you can judge your own expenses higher or lower depending on your habits. They also factored in other health and lifestyle expenses that usually come with smoking and the grand total a smoker in Idaho will spend in their life is just over $1.2 million!

I understand that smoking is a hard habit to kick. I've seen many co-workers try over and over again to quit. Maybe the prospect of an extra few hundred thousand dollars in your pocket can help you achieve your goal in the future.

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