This has not been a very good last few months for smokers. Or, if you are optimistic or trying to stop smoking, it has been a great last few months. First of all, it is winter and most places make you smoke outside in the cold. That would be enough to make me quit. New laws are also in effect to stop younger Americans from smoking as the FDA just announced it illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under 21 years old. Some vaping has also been reported as being linked to lung disease and death. Last year was also a big year for Idaho cities voting to ban cigarettes from local parks.

Like I said, the news is good or bad depending on how you look at it. Here's another thing to think about if you are a smoker, it could affect your future job prospects. If you are currently employed and take smoke breaks then your employer has probably already noticed. Some companies have even given non-smoking employees addition time off to compensate them for the time smokers take each day for breaks. Or, you could do what U-Haul is planning to do and just not hire people who smoke. It may seem unfair but it is totally legal. According to CNN, there are 21 states where an employer can base a hiring on whether the person smokes.

There are many reasons a company could want non-smoking employees including the time lost from smoke breaks and increased employee sick time do to cigarette and nicotine use. A U-Haul representative told CNN that the move to hire non-smokers stems from a desire to promote and build a 'culture of wellness at U-Haul'.

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