If you had to pick a best city in Idaho for families I bet you wouldn't pick the one Livability chose. You might choose a city here in the Magic Valley - maybe the town you live in. But, you would be wrong. The best city in not just Idaho, but the entire United States, is almost in Canada and seven and a half hours from us.

Livability chose Moscow as their top choice out of all other cities in the states. Take that Boise. I'm actually pretty surprised that they would choose a college town as a great place to raise a family. Then again, I would have said Twin Falls and we are probably considered by some as a college town too.


The reasoning behind choosing Moscow as the best of the best includes the high population of children, quality of schools, number of day cares, libraries, and parks (the small city has 17 parks), and probably the oddest reason - the number of candy stores. Because we know candy is important to a happy family. Having the University of Idaho also means a lot of sporting events for families.

Moscow only has a population of about 25,000 but they have a ton of cool stuff like an aquatics center with a lazy river and water slides. The Bonkerz Indoor Playcenter is a great place for kids to go crazy and play.

Have you ever been to Moscow and is it really as cool as they say it is?

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