I know I’m going to jinx this, but I have to say that the weather lately has been amazing. I spent the better part of the weekend outside and only wore a light jacket. Is winter over in Southern Idaho or are we about to get a chilling reality check?

Is Winter Already Over or is Idaho in for a Chilly Reality Check?

The weather forecast for Southern Idaho shows a variety of expectations. Sun Valley is under a Winter Storm Warning with 4-9 inches of snow expected by 11 AM Wednesday. Stanley has an Avalance Warning going on until Wednesday morning. The cities have it a little better. Boise will hit the low to mid-40s each day with a chance of rain and snow Tuesday night into Wednesday and a little snow Friday morning. Twin Falls has a similar forecast but slightly lower temperatures toward the end of the week and the snow is expected to hit Friday evening instead of the morning. Pocatello will have lower temperatures in the mid-30s each day and more chances of snow every day until Friday morning.

Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Sadly, this happens every year. We get snow dumped on us in January and then February comes along with spring-like weather and gets our hopes up that we’ll be able to put away the coats and gloves for the rest of the year. Then, nature reminds us that in Idaho there are 12 seasons and we are just getting to the end of Fool’s Spring. This lesser-known season falls between January Winter and Second Winter. Second Winter will hit us soon and last until the end of February, then we’ll get all the seasons at once (The Spring of Deception or Winsprummall) for a weekend…maybe a full week if we’re lucky.

After Winsprummall we’ll get a few weeks of chilly weather again before The Pollenating happens and the weather will be nice but unbearable because of all the pollen in the air.

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As for the upcoming weather forecast, parts of Southern Idaho are going to get hit hard by snow and winter is far from over.

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