In a plot twist to the economy of the rest of the United States, Idaho gas prices have remained lower than the national average for another week. But, don’t get comfortable at the pump because the price per gallon is expected to rise soon.

Idaho gas prices are currently 6 cents cheaper than the national average, which may not seem like much but after just one gas station visit in a 17-gallon tank, you’ve already paid a dollar less than most other states. If you drive a big truck with a 36-gallon tank you’ll save $2 on a full fill-up.

Credit Canva/AAA Idaho
Credit Canva/AAA Idaho

How Long Will Idaho Gas Prices Stay Lower Than Everyone Else?

We’ve been enjoying lower-than-average gas prices for a while now in Idaho. Current prices are even 14 cents cheaper than a month ago. A news release from AAA Idaho shows that the low prices are due to the cooler temperatures we’ve been having in Idaho. But, warm weather is coming and the prices will go up with the demand of travelers hitting the streets for vacations and adventures.

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The Idaho average for regular gas is $3.54 and there are 5 states with gas prices over $4. Three of those high-priced states are neighbors to Idaho: Washington, Nevada, and Oregon. California is getting close to $5, at $4.88 right now. Hawaii and Arizona are the other states in the top 5…or we could call them the bottom 5 since the high prices are not a good thing.

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Last year, in August, Idaho was on the other end of the spectrum with gas prices sitting just under $5. Will we hit the $5 threshold again this year in Idaho, and will it be soon? Whatever the gas pump prices may be, this story has 7 easy ways to find the cheapest gas prices near you.

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